Sentrym L1 3D Projector

Ultra Portable. Shockingly Versatile.

Raising the Bar

Ultra Portable. Shockingly Versatile. Insanely Lightweight. That's our design approach in building the Sentrym L1 3D mini projector. We've created a pocket projector that gives you the ultimate flexibility in watching & playing what you want, when you want it.

Smallest in the Business

At just 3.2" W x 3.2" L x 1.2" H & weighing under 200g, the L1 practically fits in the palm of your hand. Pack for your next road trip for your family, or keep it in your travel bag for your next sales presentation.

With the power of the HDMI input, connect the L1 to any laptop, tablet or gaming console.

Don't have your smartphone with you? Use the built-in Android 9.0 OS. Connect it to a wi-fi network & watch your media.

Connect directly to your media on your USB storage / SD card, or wirelessly via iOS Airplay / Android eShare*.

*Copyrighted content from Netflix, Prime Video and more CANNOT be screen-mirrored or casted.

The only mini projector on the market to offer Bluetooth 5.0 technology. For the best sound, connect to any Bluetooth audio player, or your favorite pair for headphones for private listening.


Touch-and-go, and on-the-go. Swipe your fingers across the transparent touch panel for quick navigation, or use the included infrared remote control for a more pixel-precise control.

Multi-Angle Support

Get optimized viewing at any angle with auto vertical keystone correction. In other words, the L1 will automatically adjust your projection so your image always comes out right.

Bring It Everywhere

Get over 2+ hours of playtime on a full-charge, enough for your perfect date night or with your family.

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